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Fishing  Hunting  Farming  Pet   Lifestyle Accessories  from The BagEm Collection

Fishing ,Hunting, Farming, Lifestyle and Pet Accessories from BagEm – Quality handmade goods made primarily from canvas and other quality materials

Our handmade collection has been developed to provide a range of accessories for hunters, fishermen, pets and homes in New Zealand. They are not only useful but  designed for New Zealand conditions. Attention to detail, design and quality is important to us.

The range includes a selection of bags and pouches for the fishing enthusiast. Some nice easy to use and convenient gun ammo belts and a range of pet beds, dog jackets and other lifestyle goodies including baby swings, peg bags and gardening belts.

Our passion for sewing has enabled us to design and develop these wonderful products that are perfect for New Zealand customers and their pets. The range will continue to develop as we perfect the finer points of the individual products.

When purchasing our products you will be assured that every effort has been made to provide you with a well-made product that will last. The quality materials that we source here in New Zealand allow us to hand make the different products that you and your pets will love and enjoy using. My Trademe feedback speaks for itself if you need any further reassurance . (Trading name “Bagem”)

Our Collection is also featured in other sites but this site is the Main site where you will get the most recent information and the best purchase buying.

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