Polar Fleece Pet Bed

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These Polar Fleece Dog beds sound like a cozy and versatile option for pets in various settings! The combination of polar fleece and a water-resistant canvas bottom makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The ability to convert them into travel mats with Carry Straps adds to their practicality.

The inclusion of a zip opening for easy access to the inner polyester padding and the option to wash both the cover and inner separately ensures easy maintenance and hygiene. The thick polyester wadding provides warmth and comfort, making these beds ideal for colder months or offering dogs needing extra comfort.

The thoughtful design caters to the needs of both dogs and cats, providing them with a snug and warm sleeping space whether they’re in a kennel, crate, by the fire, or even on the go in the car or bach.


Polar Fleece Pet Bed Specifications:


  • Material: The pet beds are made from a selection of high-quality polar fleece, ensuring softness and warmth for your pet.
  • Zip Opening: Each bed comes equipped with a strong, quality zip opening, allowing for easy removal of the inner padding for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Bottom Layer: The bottom layer of the bed is constructed from durable canvas material. This canvas layer is resistant to moisture and does not attract dirt, making it suitable for various environments and easy to keep clean.
  • Removable Inner: The inner padding is comprised of a thick polyester fill, enclosed within its own cotton enclosure. This design ensures that the padding is pet-friendly and provides comfort and support for your pet.
  • Washable: The entire bed is fully hand washable, offering convenience and ease of cleaning. The covers and inner padding can be washed separately as needed, maintaining hygiene and prolonging the life of the bed.

These specifications highlight the quality construction and thoughtful design of the Polar Fleece Pet Beds, providing a comfortable and practical sleeping solution for your pet.


Size Dimensions
Small 640mm x 450mm
Medium 800mm x 720mm
Large 1000mm x 720mm

Note all measurements are approx only as they are all handmade and variations may occur during manufacturing. 

Other sizes can be made to order. Please contact me directly for a quote.

Please note some colours may be out of stock or slightly different fabrics depending on what stock is currently available. These colours may change over time as we use new materials that become available.

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