Firewood Carry Bag

$ 39.95

My Firewood Carry Bag is proving very popular this winter.

NeverĀ get your clothes dirty again from carrying firewood inside. This bag is strong and durable with straps for easily putting over your shoulder to carry your wood inside to the fire. Carry and much or as little as you like. Just spread the bag open on the ground, fill with the required amount of wood that you think you can safely carry at one time. Fold up both straps and lift onto your shoulder to carry into the house fire.

Please note that this is now only available in Black

Please ask me for any questions. You are buying quality NZ made by myself. I stand by my products and offer a full replacement 1 year guarantee.




The Firewood Carry Bag.


Width 53cm

Depth 48cm- folded


  • Tough rip stop canvas- Black only
  • Double stitched hemed seams
  • Hang over the shoulder carry straps
  • Folds around wood when carrying- protecting clothes
  • Can lay open of floor to catch the dirt and wood chips


Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 25 × 6 cm


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