Strong Adjustable Carry Strap

$ 8.95

We have designed and developed a convenient and versatile product to enhance the functionality of dog beds and other items for pet owners on the go. Our Carry Strap is ideal for your dog bed to become a Dog Travel Mat, making them a portable and comfortable bedding option for dogs while on the go. They serve several purposes, including providing a cozy spot for your dog to rest during car rides, flights, or other forms of travel.

These strong adjustable webbing carry straps offer a simple yet effective solution for making pet beds more portable and suitable for various travel scenarios. The Carry Straps are the perfect addition for all our pet beds for the weekend away, lunch at the cafe or to store your bed in the back of the car.

Simply roll up bed or other item, slip the adjustable straps over the end and tighten with the strong ladder lock pull up buckles. Perfect for all our pet beds or any other item that requires carrying like horse covers plus numerous other use’s.

The perfect accessory for our Polar Fleece Pet Bed, Tough Waterproof Dog Bed and all our beautiful Designer Wool Dog Beds


Carry Strap Specifications:

    • Made from 25mm webbing 
    • Shoulder Strap for easy carrying
    • Strong ladder lock pull up buckles
    • Fully adjustable strong black webbing strap to fit all different bed sizes
    • Handmade with strong UV resistant thread and double or treble stitched for maximum strength

Please note bed is not included. This is the Carry Strap on its own. 

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