Hemp Rope Dog Toy

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These chunky rope toys are made from natural 50% Cotton & 50% Hemp fibres. They are extra strong, non-toxic & long-lasting. Perfect for tug games, fetch and play!

Hemp is extremely strong and durable. It is a 100% naturally produced fibre, biodegradable, hypo-allergenic, and has anti-bacterial properties. The properties of the hemp and the braided rope design also work like a natural toothbrush for your dog while they play.

Please note that these like all other toys are not indestructible by tough dogs. We suggest supervised play with your dog at all times.

Review from a recent customer!

“My neighbour’s dogs still haven’t destroyed these toys yet. The only toys that they haven’t been able to do so .  Thanks Rachel BOP show customer 2023”

Hemp Rope Dog Toy Specifications:

    • Made from natural fibres – 50% hemp and 50% cotton 
    • CLEAN TEETH – The tough hemp fibre rope act as a natural toothbrush. The more they chew, the cleaner their teeth.
    • TUG and THROW TOY – A simple chunky knot of rope with a sturdy handle, all you need for a good game of tug-o-war or fetch.
    • Supervise your pet during play will ensure this toy will last.

Note this item is not made in New Zealand 

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