Wool Oval Pet Bed

$ 99.95

The Oval Wool filled Pet Beds offer a cozy and comfortable retreat for your furry companions, whether they’re lounging by the fire or snuggled up on the couch. Crafted with quality wool fabric or a cotton/linen blend top, these beds are both durable and stylish.

The inner layer consists of loose wool knops encased in a cotton calico slip, providing a soft and supportive mattress for your pets. The zip opening allows for easy access to the removable wool inner, making it convenient to wash and fluff up regularly.

Thanks to wool’s natural properties, these beds are odor-resistant and temperature-regulating, ensuring warmth in winter and coolness in summer. The added thickness of wool provides extra comfort, making these beds ideal for older pets with joint issues.

Designed for small to medium-sized dogs and cats, these beds fit perfectly into popular plastic container beds or small to medium-sized baskets. Treat your pets to the ultimate in comfort with these natural and cozy pet beds made from Pure NZ wool.

Specifications for the Wool Oval Pet Bed:


  • Size: 730mm x 550mm x 80mm
  • Material: Quality woven wool fabric or Cotton/Linen blend
  • Color Options: Blue Black Check, Grey Black Tartan, Navy Red Tartan, Beige, Charcoal
  • Access: Underside zip to access the wool knop inner
  • Inner Material: Eco-friendly, pet-friendly loose wool knops
  • Inner Enclosure: Calico cotton enclosure
  • Underside Material: Quality black natural cotton fabric
  • Washability: Fully hand washable

Additional Notes:

  • The oval shape provides a cozy retreat for pets.
  • The selection of woven wool fabric or cotton/linen blend ensures comfort and style.
  • The underside zip allows for easy access to the wool knop inner.
  • The eco-friendly and pet-friendly inner material promotes sustainability and pet well-being.
  • The quality black natural cotton fabric underside offers durability and cleanliness.
  • Fully hand washable for convenient maintenance.

Note all measurements are approx only as they are all handmade and variations may occur during manufacturing. 

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