Natural Hessian Wool Dog Bed – Extra Large

$ 129.95

Treat your beloved dog to the ultimate in comfort and relaxation with our warm and cozy wool lined hessian beds, designed specifically for your beloved dog.

Provide them comfort and versatility with our collection of personalized beds, tailored to provide a cozy retreat for your beloved canine companions. Crafted in New Zealand with meticulous care using recycled wool, these beds offer a perfect blend of warmth during chilly winter nights and coolness during hot summer days.

Constructed from premium hessian fabric, each bed boasts a natural texture that adds rustic charm to any space while ensuring the optimal breathability from natural fibres for your pets. The plush wool padding provides unparalleled comfort ensuring your pet feels pampered and comfortable.

Personalize each bed with your dogs’ names for a touch of individuality and easy identification. Whether it’s Fido’s favourite spot by the fireplace or Luna’s cozy corner in the sun, our hessian beds offer a tailor-made sanctuary for every furry friend.

Whether your dog prefers to stretch out or curl up in a cozy ball, our hessian beds offer ample space and support for all breeds and sizes. Plus, with their durable construction and easy-to-clean design, you can trust that your dog will enjoy years of cozy retreats in their favourite bed

We would like to advise that due to current sack shortages we are only able to supply the beds in the sacks with a blue stripe through them as in the picture on this page. Plain sacks will be supplied as soon as we can acquire them but be assured these blue stripe sacks are of equal quality to the plain sacks.

Specifications for Natural Hessian Dog Bed with Soft Wool Inner: Extra Large 



  • Extra Large measurements: 1100mm x 1360mm x 50mm depth


  • Made from new heavy-duty natural first-grade hessian sacks
  • Reinforced sewn side seams


  • Very thick, pet-friendly quality wool fill


  • Fully hand washable
  • Dries faster than other foam-filled beds


    • All beds can be stenciled with your dog’s name for free!

Check out our other listings for size Small, Medium and Large Natural Hessian Pet Beds.

Size Dimensions
Small 500mm x 680mm x 50mm
Medium 800mm x 680mm x 50mm
Large 1100mm x 680mm x 50mm
X Large 1100mm x 1360mm x 50mm

Note all measurements are approx only as they are all handmade and variations may occur during manufacturing.

Other sizes can be made to order to fit your kennel size. Please contact me directly for a quote.

We also have a new Tough Pet Canvas Bed which is a waterproof canvas cover that perfectly fit our hessian beds. These covers will still provide comfort for your pet while making your hessian bed last much longer! Our Tough Canvas Covers covers come in Forest Green, Navy Blue or Black PVC coated canvas.

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